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MLLB Weather Policy


Cold Weather:

Mon-Fri, MLLB Board of Directors will review the forecast for that evening by 2pm. If the temperature is forecasted to be below 40 degrees, MLLB will cancel outdoor practices for that evening.

Sat-Sun, MLLB Board of Directors will review the forecast the evening before by 8pm. If the temperatures are below 40 degrees, MLLB will cancel outdoor practices. It is possible to cancel practices only in the evening or only in the morning depending on the temperatures throughout the day.


During periods of rain, the city of McKinney will close the fields depending on how much water the fields have taken that day. This communication by MLLB will go out to all parents by 4 pm during the week typically. When the rain starts or increases after 4 pm, it will be up to the managers or umpires on the decision to play depending on the amount of rain and conditions of the field. During the weekends, this communication will be made by 8 am if there was overnight rain and could be made throughout the day if the rain intensifies.

Lightning/ Tornadoes:

When lightning and/or tornado warnings are in the McKinney area, it will be the decision of the umpire and/or managers to decide if it safe to play as these events can change moment to moment. There could be times when the city or MLLB cancels events ahead of time due to imminent warnings in the area. All games/practices will be stopped when the lighting siren sounds. Activity may resume after the all clear buzzer sounds when lightning is no longer detected.


Practice or competition in hot and humid environmental conditions poses special problems for student-athletes. Heat stress and resulting heat illness is a primary concern in these conditions. Although deaths from heat illness are rare, constant surveillance and education are necessary to prevent heat-related problems. The following practices should be observed.

Unrestricted access to water at all times. Asthmatic athletes may remove themselves from workout without penalties or repercussions.

Heat index of less than 100 degrees: No Restrictions

Heat Index of 100-105 degrees: After 20 min. of participation each athlete will have a 5 min. break

Heat Index of 106-115 degrees: 20 min. exposure / 15 min. breaks

Heat Index of greater than 115 degrees: No outdoor activity

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