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McKinney Little League All-Star Guidelines

Revised Feb 1, 2019

  1. Player Eligibility: MLLB players that play in the spring are eligible to make an All-Star team that competes against the other Little Leagues in the North Texas region if they meet the following criteria:

    1.  Have played in the Modified Kid Pitch(MKP), Minors, Majors, or Juniors divisions

    2.  Have played in 60% of the teams scheduled games

    3. Lives in or goes to school in the LL approved boundaries which include the city of McKinney and some surrounding areas

    4. Do not have vacations planned in the month of June or early July

      There are 4 different age groups (teams) and they are determined by the division you play in:

  1. Junior all stars: 13-14-year old, must have played in the junior division in regular season

  2. Major all-stars: 12-year-old, must have played in the major division in regular season

  3. Major 10-11 all-stars: 10-11-year-old, must have played in the major division in regular season (Could use minor players depending on availability)

  4. Minor all-stars: 8-9-10 year old, must have played in the Minor division in regular season (Could use MKP players depending on availability)


  1. Managers and Coaches: The manager for each team will be determined by the regular season standings. The first-place manager will have the opportunity to be the all-star manger first. Should he/she decline, the second-place manager has the next chance, then third and so on. The manager from each team will have the option to pick 2 coaches from any of the coaches within his division, from his team or any of the other teams if they were an approved volunteer by MLLB. Should MLLB need to send 2 or more teams, the same selection criteria will be used. Coaches can be elected using the same process should there not be enough regular season mangers or available.


  2. Forming the Team: The team managers from each division will meet in late May to nominate the all-star candidates for each division. The president and player agent will oversee each meeting and work with the all-star manager to ensure the best players from the regular season are selected. It is important for all managers to be mindful of all-star caliber players on the other teams during the regular season in hopes of assembling competitive teams to represent MLLB.


The above criteria is designed for the International tournament. If MLLB elects to participate in the classic tournament, the above method maybe used with players that do not qualify for the international tournament. 

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