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McKinney Little League Baseball Pool Players

Getting More Experience and Baseball Through the Player Pool!

Per Little League International rules, local leagues may establish a pool of players interested in participating in extra games to aid other teams in the same division who may be short players for an upcoming game. The goal of the McKinney Little League Player Pool is to prevent forfeiture and rescheduling of games. During the registration process, players may sign up to be added to their respective player pool. There is no additional cost involved to be a pool player, and there is no limit to the number of games a player may participate as a “pool player”. The expectation is for Head Coaches to be in communication with their players prior to game day, hopefully a couple of days in advance, to know if they will have the minimum number of players. For the Modified Kid Pitch Divisions and above, Head Coaches who know they will be unable to field a team of at least 9 players for an upcoming game should contact the McKinney Little League Player Agent, Jason Noble.

The Player Agent will administer pool players to requested teams in the order of registration date and confirm their availability. Coaches may NOT request or recruit pool players. The administration of pool players will be on a rotating basis. Once a player has participated as a pool player, he is moved to the end of the list while all other players move up.

Pool Players available to participate will:

  • Be an active, registered player in McKinney Little League, and play in the same division as the team with the shortage.
  • Wear the uniform of their regular season team
  • Play a minimum of 9 consecutive outs on defense (in most cases, they will play the entire game since they were needed to help the team field 9 players)
  • Only play the outfield defensive positions
  • Bat in the last position of the batting order (if multiple pool players are used, they must bat consecutively at the end of the batting order)

Thank you,

Eric Dunn
MLLB President


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