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League News

Open MLLB Board and Appointed Positions

Will Lloyd

McKinney Little League Baseball will have its annual Members Meeting on November 12th at Market Street McKinney. All managers from the Spring and Fall seasons will be invited. The Members Meeting provides MLLB an open forum as it’s discusses 2017, the state of the league, and our plans for 2018.

Every year during the Members Meeting the league receives nominations and elects new volunteers for vacant or resigned Board of Director roles, Board of Director roles that had been filled on an interim basis during the year, and all appointed positions within the league. All positions are volunteer in nature but participants are able to influence the direction of the league and make a positive impact on the lives of almost 1,000 players and their respective families.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for any open positions, you can download the application here and submit it to Will Lloyd at All applications must be submitted before noon on November 12, 2017 and all nominees should plan to attend the meeting at 6 PM on November 12th.

This year the following positions will be open for nomination and election:

  • Board of Directors: All seven Board of Directors roles are considered open for 2018 due to resignations and interim status for the current members. The Board of Directors includes President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Players Agent, Coaches Coordinator and Safety Officer. Incumbents to these positions have the right to be considered for the retainment of their role should they secure the appropriate votes.
  • Appointed Positions: The following are open appointed positions for McKinney Little League. Individuals assigned to these positions are non-voting volunteer leaders within the organization.
    • Registrar – assists the Players Agent and President in handling player registrations and team assignments. Role is critical for the 1-2 months leading up to the season but would be a minimal time requirement once the season has begun.
    • Scheduling Coordinator – assists the Coaches Coordinator and President in handling the scheduling of games and practices for the team. Role is critical for the 2-3 weeks prior to the season and then is a minimal time investment during the season, handling rainout or special need reassignments on an as needed basis.
    • Communications Coordinator – assists the President with communications on behalf of McKinney Little League either through the website, Facebook, Twitter, or other mediums. Expected 1-2 hours of time needed a week.
    • Division Coordinators – assists the Board of Directors by being a central representative for their division and its operation. May be a coach or parent volunteer with a 1-2 hour commitment a week during the season.
    • Promotions/Sponsorship Coordinator – assists the President by actively overseeing MLLB promotion events as well as sponsorship recruitment and management. Would require 1-2 hours a week throughout the year.
    • Tournament Coordinator – assists the President and Players Agent with post-season tournaments as well as the All-Star Tournaments during the summer. During the regular season this role would be busy the last two weeks of the season and would support All-Stars in June and July.
    • Equipment Coordinator – manages equipment inventory and purchases on behalf of the league. This role would require 1-2 hours a week for the 2-3 weeks before and after each season with minimal time requirements during the season.

If you have any questions regarding open positions please feel free to contact me at 214-399-7969.

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